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According to reports by the CDC, accidents rank fourth among the leading causes of death in Illinois, which is a grim stat, to say the least. While some accidents arise from natural or uncontrollable causes, some don’t. Sometimes, all it takes is another person’s negligence for you to sustain an injury, with some incidents turning out to be life-changing.

Assume you find yourself in such a situation in Joliet, IL, where another person’s carelessness or malicious action injures you. In that case, you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney with The Finn Law Firm. After all, it’s only fitting for the negligent party to be held accountable and ordered to offer you financial compensation for your catastrophic injuries.

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas in Joliet, IL

Our personal injury attorneys at The Finn Law Firm boast extensive knowledge and proven experience in handling diverse personal injury cases. They include, but are not limited to:

Car Accidents

If you sustain a severe injury from a car accident and are not at fault, you ought to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. Our able Joliet personal injury lawyers can guide you in filing a claim against the other responsible party and help you recover compensation for your injuries, which is more than the insurance company offers.

Medical Malpractice

At The Finn Law Firm, the health and safety of our injured clients are our top priority. If we believe a hospital or doctor’s negligence has harmed you or your family, our Joliet medical malpractice lawyers will not settle for anything less than maximum compensation.

Workplace Injuries

If you suffer an injury at work due to someone else’s negligence, the medical expenses and lost wages can be burdensome. However, with our Joliet personal injury lawyers backing you up, you can get the compensation you are entitled to for your injury.

The most prevalent types of workplace accidents are:

  • Slip and fall on another person’s property
  • Back injuries caused by moving heavy objects
  • Electroshocks or electrocution
  • Crane accidents

Truck Accidents

Trucks’ sheer size and weight demand operators to undergo specialized training and have special licenses. When a dump truck, semi-tractor trailer, or vehicle weighing over 10,000 lbs collides with another vehicle, we don’t consider it another car accident and, therefore, cannot treat it as such.

So, if you or a loved one got injured in a truck accident, consult our Joliet personal injury attorney as soon as possible so that we can begin working on your case.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing home neglect and abuse can have physical and emotional implications that result in personal injuries, such as victims lacking enough money to feed themselves properly or being pushed to harm themselves by mental abuse.

If your loved one has been subjected to such conditions, feel free to consult a reputable personal injury lawyer at our firm to assist in holding the responsible parties liable for their conduct.

Product Liability

Unsafe or flawed products can lead to significant injury in public settings, at work, or home. Examples include:

  • Contaminated food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products.
  • Dangerous chemicals and materials.
  • Faulty medical gadgets
  • Defective auto parts.

Suppose you used such products and sustained injuries; an experienced Joliet personal injury attorney with our firm can help you file a lawsuit against the organization liable for promoting, distributing, producing, creating, and selling dangerous or defective products.

Joliet’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

As established by the personal injury statute of limitations in Illinois under 735 Illinois Compiled Statuses section 5/13-202, “Actions for damages for an injury to the person…shall be commenced within two years next after the cause of action accrued.”

Simply put, if another party’s negligence results in you sustaining an injury and you wish to seek civil compensation for the damages, you have two years—from the incident date—to file your personal injury lawsuit in court.  

Recoverable Damages in Your Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim may allow you to recover different damages, commonly categorized into economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

As the name suggests, these are physical monetary damages that can be estimated using relevant financial and medical records, such as:

  • Lost income: This refers to any earnings you forfeited due to your injury, such as income, bonuses, or other benefits.
  • Medical expenses: This comprises all health care costs incurred due to your injury, such as medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and pharmaceutical expenses.
  • Property damage: This includes any property damage caused by the same accident that injured you.

Non-economic damages

Unlike economic damages, Non-economic damages lack a monetary value, making them challenging to quantify. Even so, they are equally essential as economic damages. They comprise things like:

  • Pain and suffering: This encompasses the physical and emotional distress caused by your injury.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: This relates to the inability to relish life as you did before getting injured; for instance, being unable to spend quality time with family and friends or engage in sports and other hobbies.
  • Loss of consortium: This accounts for loss of support or companionship from your partner or spouse due to your injury.

Why Choose The Finn Law Firm?

  • Our Joliet personal injury lawyers bring over three decades of experience to the table. Well-versed in personal injury law, you can count on us to aggressively explore every aspect of your case to ensure the most favorable outcome for you and your loved ones.
  • We have a proven track record of excellent outcomes for our personal injury clients. Our firm has successfully handled over 650 personal injury cases, and our client testimonials speak for us.
  • Our team of personal injury attorneys is committed to obtaining justice for anyone we represent and will fight relentlessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Also, with your best interests at heart, we are not afraid to take your case to court if needed.

Free Consultation for Your Personal Injury Case 

If you or your loved one sustained a serious injury from an accident due to another person’s negligence, it would be prudent of you to bring in the expertise of a Joliet personal injury lawyer.

Luckily, The Finn Law Firm is dedicated to helping you with your personal injury case. With a proven track record of handling all kinds of personal injury claims across Joliet, IL, and beyond, you can count on us to provide expert legal counsel to help you win your case and recover the proper financial compensation for your sustained injuries and medical treatment.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today for a free consultation on your personal injury case, and let us get you the justice you deserve.


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