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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Chicago

Car accidents are a daily occurrence. And more often than not, they only lead to minor injuries. In some instances, however, auto accidents can result in serious injuries, leaving victims with significant medical expenses and the possibility of not being able to return to work.

At The Finn Law Firm, we have seen up close the detrimental impact a vehicle accident can have on you and those you love. And having been there for decades, representing victims of fatal car accidents and those who have lost their loved ones over the same, we are convinced that we can help you with your fight for justice.

Suppose you’ve sustained serious car accident injuries or lost a loved one in a Chicago auto accident. In that case, it’s important that you seek the help of a motor vehicle accident lawyer Chicago. After all, it’s only fair that the liable party is held accountable for their negligence and that you’re adequately compensated for damages.

But as is common knowledge, compensation for a car accident injury isn’t given on a silver platter. You’ll need to battle the other driver’s insurance company. Believe us when we say that the only chance you have at achieving that is by having an experienced car accident attorney working on your case.

About The Finn Law Firm

We get it. There are plenty of law firms out there offering legal guidance on all kinds of cases, including car accidents and personal injury in general. However, we want to be your go-to option, and we firmly believe we have what it takes, including the knowledge, experience, and qualities to be your ideal choice.

Having been in business for three decades, The Finn Law Firm, under the direction of our principal attorney, Larry Finn, has offered legal assistance to people like you. Over this tenure, our Chicago auto accident lawyers have closed over 650 personal injury cases, many of which are car accident cases. So, trust us when we say we’re the right personal injury law firm for your Chicago car accident claim.

Besides an impressive track record, we also take pleasure in looking at each client’s case with personalized attention and compassion. When you reach out to us, you can talk directly to our principal attorney, Larry Finn, who will carefully assess your car accident case and explain your options for free. No matter your case, The Finn Law Firm is there for you every step of the way.

How We Can Help You

Following a car accident, your primary objective should be to recover from any injuries you may have sustained. However, at the same time, it’s prudent to safeguard your legal rights, especially if the accident was another person’s fault.

As you focus on your emotional and physical recovery, you can have devoted and trusted Chicago car accident lawyers from The Finn Law Firm handle your personal injury claim. Here’s how we do it:

Initiating the Lawsuit

Auto accidents are civil actions and often begin with you, the victim, filing a lawsuit against the liable party with the local court. The lawsuit should detail the allegations against the responsible party and the monetary compensation you’re entitled to. As soon as you file the petition, the case formally begins.

Even so, be advised that the time you have to file your car accident claim is limited, with the time frame varying by state. In the state of Illinois, however, the Statute of Limitations gives you two years from the date of the accident to file your claim.

The At-Fault Party Responds to the Allegations

After the defendant is served with a copy of the car accident lawsuit, they have a specified amount of time to respond by admitting or refuting the claims. Their reply may also be a counterclaim, outlining how the car accident victim may have contributed to the accident and is liable for their losses and injuries.

Resolution Attempts Through Mediation

Once the facts of the case are established, a judge may order mediation between both parties. You and your car accident attorney will discuss the case with the at-fault driver and their counsel during this process. A neutral third party supervises and moderates the meeting in an attempt to lead both parties to an agreement, often in the form of a settlement.

Entering the Discover Phase

If mediation fails, the lawsuit will proceed to discovery. At this point, lawyers from both sides of the lawsuit look into the specifics of the car accident. This could entail examining documents or interviewing witnesses, if any.

All information obtained during this stage is shared with both legal teams. This process usually takes a few months, although it may take longer, depending on the case’s complexity.

The Trial Process

When the case is taken to trial, both sides must present their claims. Evidence is reviewed, and witnesses are questioned, after which the jury will reach a verdict.

When most people hear that a case has proceeded to trial, they envision protracted courtroom sessions like those seen in TV drama shows. In reality, however, car accident claims are typically closed in one or two days. However, it’s important to mention that after the verdict is passed, either party can appeal.

Your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Chicago, IL

Trust us; we know how challenging it can be to deal with the aftermath of a car crash. It’s devastating, to say the least, not only to the victim but also to their loved ones. That’s why you need a Chicago car accident attorney to help alleviate the burden.

Involved in a motor vehicle accident? Contact The Finn Law Firm for expert legal representation and the compensation you deserve.



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