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Business Litigation Attorney Chicago

If you own or run a business in Chicago, you know how challenging it can be to navigate the legal system. From time to time, you may have to deal with various issues, some quickly resolved and others materializing into legal disputes. Whether it’s a disagreement with your landlord, a breach of contract, or a problem with your supplier, these issues can profoundly impact your company’s operations.

So, when dealing with business disagreements, making strategic and sound decisions is critical to cutting unnecessary expenses and mitigating potential liabilities. The right strategy may turn a disagreement into an excellent opportunity, whereas the wrong approach can compromise a business’s operation.

For these reasons, you may require the help of an experienced business litigation attorney Chicago. This is where we come in. At The Finn Law Firm, we have an extensive understanding of business law and know how to work through the legal system to get the best results for our clients.

About The Finn Law Firm

Over the last three decades, The Finn Law Firm has built a name for itself in legal practice. Our team, led by Larry Finn, a highly experienced business litigation attorney Chicago, has dedicated its knowledge and experience to representing business owners and corporate clients in Chicago with all their commercial litigation and business counseling needs.

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, we have the expertise to deal with various business challenges, from contract disputes to trademark infringement, tortious interference with contract rights, and issues concerning startups and business formation.

As we know it, it takes the joint efforts of several entities for a company to operate successfully and resolve any potential disputes that may emerge. Our devoted team of business litigation advocates is ready to assist with legal and business litigation.     

Our Services

While each business litigation case is unique, most business disputes stem from a few key issues. That said, The Finn Law Firm has offered expert counsel and effective representation in addressing various business disputes in Chicago, IL, including but not limited to:

Partnership Disputes

A disagreement between partners and LLC members tends to be disruptive and can undermine the company’s survival. Therefore, it’s best to resolve such issues as quickly as possible. A dispute over a company’s direction or financial management can bleed into business operations, resulting in immediate negative implications for clients, customers, and employees.

In most cases, resolving a partnership dispute informally is best for everyone. That way, the company can avoid unnecessary costs and prevent the public from getting involved.

In the right circumstances, The Finn Law Firm collaborates closely with clients in search of leverage and common ground before pushing tirelessly to obtain the best outcome without resorting to formal litigation. However, as a business litigation law firm, we are prepared to file lawsuits in court if necessary.   

Employee Disputes

Every company with employees may face litigation. In Illinois, any former employee who believes they were wronged can pursue claims in court, including claims for failure to pay overdue wages, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, as well as gender, race, or age discrimination.

We have experience with employment disputes in these areas and can help you respond ethically and appropriately.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance policies are complex, highly technical, and lengthy agreements that even the most knowledgeable executives and business owners may struggle to understand and interpret.
If you have an insurance claim, please get in touch with us to evaluate whether it should be submitted to the insurance firm.

Should your insurer deny your claim for coverage, reach out, and our Chicago business litigation lawyers will advise you on how to proceed. 

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract claims can include several issues, and either party may have reasons to allege performance shortcomings. Disputes concerning the parties’ motives, scope of application of a contract’s provisions, or contractual rights and remedies may result in a legal dispute.

Even if the parties are required to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), they must adopt a well-informed approach. This strategy should be based on a complete understanding of the business and legal ramifications.

Intellectual Property Disputes

We also specialize in litigating trademark and copyright disagreements, which are often claimed in commercial lawsuits between competitors. We have handled cases like this.

Based on the extensive experience of our business litigation lawyers like Larry Finn in such disputes, we can offer you a well-informed assessment about whether the suggested course of action will irritate a competitor or result in a lawsuit.

Why Choose Us

Working with attorney Larry Finn and The Finn Law Firm has plenty of perks.

For starters, we help you avoid time-consuming and costly legal battles. We believe most disputes can be settled through ADR methods like arbitration or mediation. These approaches are faster and less expensive than going to court, enabling you to carry on with your business while your business dispute is being handled.

Nonetheless, should your legal dispute proceed to court, you can count on The Finn Law Firm as an effective court representative. Our attorneys boast an impressive track record of handling business litigation cases and will fight to the teeth for your best interests.

Get In Touch with an Experienced Business Litigation Attorney Chicago

If your company is involved in a legal dispute in Chicago, it’s prudent to seek the guidance of a skilled and experienced business litigation attorney. The Finn Law Firm offers just that, specializing in business litigation law in Chicago, IL, and resolving plenty of cases. 

What’s next? Protect your business interests. Contact The Finn Law Firm for strategic business litigation services.


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