How to Choose a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Chicago

Entrusting a nursing home facility in Chicago with the care of your elderly loved one always comes with high expectations. The minimum expected is that these assisted living facilities will always have well-trained and experienced health care providers and nursing home staff members who can guarantee the well-being of your loved one and all its residents.

However, this is not always the case, as reports by the National Center on Elder Abuse clearly show that a good number of nursing home facilities constantly fail to adhere to the strict requirements needed to protect the physical and mental health of their residents. Since many nursing home residents are vulnerable and unable to stand up for themselves, they often end up silently suffering abuse and neglect from the very people who are entrusted with their well-being.

Once you start to notice the signs, speak with your loved one, get them to safety, report the abuse and choose a nursing home abuse lawyer. Where to start? Read on.

Your Elderly Loved Ones Are Protected by the Nursing Home Care Act

If you or an elderly loved one has suffered neglect or abuse in a nursing home, it is only right that you take legal action. Both state and federal law protect the elderly against all forms of mistreatment and abuse and provide remedies, which a nursing home abuse attorney in Chicago can help you pursue.

In particular, Illinois nursing homes are bound by the Illinois Nursing Home Act, which protects the rights, safety, and freedom of nursing home residents. This act covers, among others:

  • The right to practice religion
  • The right to make decisions on medical care
  • The right to suitable living arrangements
  • The right to communication
  • The right to manage one’s own finances
  • The right to live free of abuse and neglect

It’s highly recommended that you immediately report abuse or neglect in a nursing home in Chicago, as this is the only way to ensure that the fight for the protection of every nursing home resident’s well being is successful. Your elderly loved one and other residents also need protection as they are most probably in a physical or mental condition that makes them unable to stand up for themselves.

The best part is that there are several agencies that will readily assist you once you report suspected abuse and help ensure the rogue nursing home employees face the law. These include:

  • The police
  • The Illinois Department of Public Health and Health Services
  • The Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Most importantly, you will need an independent nursing home abuse attorney to help you navigate the legal process, protect the rights of your loved one, and ensure justice is served.

The Best Way to Choose a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Chicago

The choice of your attorney will go a long way in determining how efficiently your nursing home abuse or neglect case will be handled. Since you want nothing less than to see the nursing home and the perpetrators of these vile acts face the full force of the law, these are the primary considerations to have in mind and at heart:

Experience in Nursing Home Litigation

Nursing home abuse cases are often complicated, as there are many details that have to be keenly evaluated, not to mention the involvement of multiple parties. For smooth sailing, your case is best handled by a lawyer who specializes in nursing home litigation and has sufficient experience in this niche.

An experienced nursing home lawyer will easily manage the entire process, including ensuring the initial investigation is thorough, taking witness statements, engaging experts such as registered nurses and medical doctors, and representing you in court. Remember, while nursing home abuse cases are typically civil cases, criminal charges can be recommended against nursing home staff for crimes committed against a resident.

A Good Track record

Experience in nursing home litigation without a good record isn’t convincing that you’ll get the best outcome. For your peace of mind, it is best to settle for an experienced lawyer specializing in nursing home cases with an outstanding record to back their portfolio.

The best way to determine if your nursing home abuse claim will be handled by a fierce ally is to check a firm’s past bar association records and online reviews. Focus on the amount of cases won on nursing home abuse claims to help gauge if your loved one is likely to get fair representation.

Great Personal Connection

A nursing home abuse and neglect case is highly sensitive and personal as you’ll be sharing details that ordinarily you would never let out. As such, you need a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and confident enough to talk about the details of the case without feeling insecure or ashamed.

The best way to determine if you’ll have a great personal connection is to request an initial consultation that will offer insights into how the law firm handles such cases. Most top-rated law firms will provide free initial consultation, so this shouldn’t be too hard to crack.

Excellent Communication

Communication is vital when handling highly sensitive cases such as nursing home abuse and neglect. For this reason, you need to partner with a legal team that values communication and will always provide timely updates on progress made and the next steps to be taken.

Fair Financial Requirements

It’s already frustrating enough that you or a family member is nursing physical or mental injury due to negligence or abuse, and it would be inhuman if you failed to pursue justice because of finances. Due to these circumstances, it’s only right you find a law firm with fair financial requirements.

Luckily, most top firms specializing in nursing home litigation work on a contingency basis, so you don’t pay any fees until they win the case. Once they win, they’ll charge you an agreed-upon percentage of the compensation received.

Make the Right Choice for Your Family

Knowing how to choose a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer In Chicago is very important. It is the first huge leap toward ensuring that your case is properly handled and that it will have a successful outcome.

At The Finn Law Firm, we understand the struggles that family members go through when a loved one is neglected or abused in a nursing home. For the past 15 years, we have committed ourselves to providing victims of nursing home negligence and abuse with the legal support and guidance they need to attain justice.

If you are looking for a compassionate legal team in Chicago that has successfully handled hundreds of nursing home abuse cases to represent you or a loved one, reach out to us today, and let’s fight for your family together.


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